Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wild Weekend


Hey! Eesa Eye-talian rocka rolla, bay-bee! I like these cats, but then, I've always had an affection for belligerent broken English. "We recorded these songs on alcohol", WW write in the liner notes. "We were high, too, as well as everytime we play." They also claim to have recorded this album during a "magnetic storm caused by the sun" which caused their tunes to "blow" and their guitars to "play out of tune", and while all that kinda sounds like excuse (and I s'ppose it is, at least by half) I believe it, man, the whole bleary-eyed, pseudo-evil shtick, cuz this short-but-effective burst of garage punk (make sure to spit when ya get to the "punk" part) sounds like...well, ya remember that bit in "Trilogy of Terror" when the berserk voodoo doll keeps stabbing Karen Black? The songs here are kinda like that - not vicious enuff to outright KILL you, but enuff to turn you into a crazed, bloody mess. The Wild Weekend do an Angry Samoans cover here ("Different World"), and that's pretty much the perfect reference point for 'em. Toss in a little Pagans and maybe some Wanderers, and ya got it cold. Full throttle, punk-fried garage n' roll madness. I liked "Born to Fuck" and "No Tears for Girls" the best. What a surprise, eh?


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