Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wild Cat Sleezy


Straight out of Stockholm, Sweden's sleeziest wild cats pour on the 80's inspired arena metal on this two track demonstration of their jungle feline prowess. "He-Man", which I'm hoping is not about that pussy cartoon, and "Heaven's Morgue" find the Wild Cats shifting gears into a less, well, sleazy form of hard rock then prior recordings. Maybe they gave up drinking, or something. It's still rife with their signature sonics, though- world class harmonies, thick, bluesy riffs, and a general air of rock star chest thumping. Both songs remind me of TNT back in the "Knights of the New Thunder" days, so if you're looking for some strutting melodic Euro metal to seduce teenage headbanger chicks with, well than, baby, Wild Cat Sleezy is your kind of animal.


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