Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Who's Not Forgotten

Various Artists

Face Down Records have assembled a Who's Who (ahem) of the Philly/Jersey power-pop scene here, all taking on various Who classics in a tribute/benefit, with portions of the proceedings going to H.E.A.R., Pete Townshend's non-prof. organization that's workin' on treatments, and maybe-someday a cure, for Tinnitus - .i.e 'ringing in the ear', i.e. slow, steady, deafness, which Pete famously has, as do many not-so-famous cats who surround themselves with wall-shaking volume on a daily basis. A good cause, and, despite the maximum saturation the Who have gotten on classic rock radio seemingly my entire fuckin' life, not a bad comp, either. I mean, I still wanna head for the hills everytime "Baba O' Riley" fires up (even the psyche-edged Guided By Voices versh heard here) but otherwise, ya got the Smithereens' own Pat Dinizio doin' an acoustic "Behind Blue Eyes", the Dipsomaniacs rip-roaring thru "Bargain", a deconstructed, girl-punk powered "My Generation" by the Contractions, and the proverbial plenty more. 21 tracks, 20-and-a-half bands, as much fuckin' Who as anybody can possibly take in one sitting. Just don't listen to it too loudly, or you will defeat the entire purpose of the record.


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