Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Godless We Stand

Well, you can tell just by way these fuckers spell 'werewolf' that they mean business. Relentless black metal savagery from the cold, unforgiving wastelands of...Charlotte, North Carolina? I didn't know they even had the devil down there, but these former Darkmoon members do their damnedest to conjure him up on the jaw-dropping, head-snapping "Godless We Stand". Unlike their nekro-cult brethren from the olde country, Werhwolfe actually approach accessibility here, and I can see this record appealing to a wider audience than just 17 church burning teens from upper Oslo. Sure, it's brutal, pounding, tear-your-tits off blackened thrash, but it's got huge, crystal clear production and a level of musicianship that rivals even those progressive power metal chumps. The songs all seem to be about some kinda Satanic war they've got planned, and if "Stainless Steel Lycanthropy" (yikes!) is any indication, it's gonna be one hell of a fight. You know that famous woodcut of the werewolf wandering around a medieval village with a baby in it's jaws? This sounds just like that. Only with guns.

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