Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We're All Gonna Die

Go To Hell

We're All Gonna Die are local boyz, long-time uberbosses in Boston's nebulous nu-metal/supergrunge scene and, to be honest, they're about the last band, save for Mr Skimask and the Robots for Christ maybe, that I'd expect to see on Suthin' smoker rawk label Underdogma. But hey, I don't sign 'em, I just report the facts, ma'am. So's anyways, on "Go to Hell", WAGD most definitely have the stomp and bluster of post-Pantera suburban rage-rock down cold, but they pepper the teenage chest thumping with heavy doses of arena-grunge pyrotechnics, and end up with something resembling a jacked-up-on-trucker-speed Alice in Chains for most of this 'un's running time. Except, of course, for songs like gut-churners "Afraid" and "Things I've Forgotten", when they sound pretty much just like Staind. Oh yeah, and they abandon the blueprint completely for the live psyche n' roll freakadelia of chaotic closer "Twelfth Step", which is probably the kinda raucous spark that got 'em signed in the first place. So, there ya go. Surly burly cosmic moshpit mayhem straight offa the streets of Boston. See ya in the emergency room.


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