Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Demo 1& 2

Whenever a band starts swinging their guitars around like they own rock and roll, and throw Zodiac Mindwarp space boss swagger king vox on top, I start to think that maybe the world really does revolve around me. Well, if this is the universe of Sleaze, I am very pleased indeed with the good work of Weirdorama, and not just because they've got the sheer class to call their guitarist Make, and their bass player Arizona. Weirdorama use those two twins titans of heavy rock heroism, The Cult and Guns n' Roses as their sonic template, adding Mike's self aggrandizing sex tyrant vocals into the mix, for an explosive blend of chugging flash rock that could only have been made in a cheekbone factory like Finland, and only truly appreciated by desperate gun wielding types with payments due on Harleys and birth control pills. Both of these demos are the groundwork for what's sure to be a massive debut album. W2 highlights the more gorilla fisted side of Weirdorama, where the songs have more of an 80's metal thread running through their bones, while W1 is pure manly sleaze. Either way, Weirdorama are a welcome addition to the roster of Super Rock, and I highly suggest you get in on the ground floor, while the t-shirts are still cheap.


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