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Warlord - Deliver Us

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Just recently, I've been seeking out some older stuff that I use to listen to as a young one growing up in ever scenic Newton, Massachusetts, back in the wonderfull (notice the two ll's there? Guess what movie that's from and you'll win something called diddly squat. Yea, it's a political group, move along) 1980's, and to escape the mundane existence of a high school that was right out of John-John Hughes worst nightmare. Dealing with this buffoonery, one needs to escape to a place to find the things that have kept me sane (almost) during those years. Those trips down to Newbury comics back in it's alpha phase of things sometimes paid off with finding some really choice stuff in a time all this was to me something new and exciting. That old feeling of discovering a new and incredible form of musical expression that for you leaves the rest of the bland and mundane world of Pretty in Pink high school clique silliness on one side (Callow faceless jocks who use to pummel 300 pound retarded kids to impress a bunch of faceless whores with paint by number faces) and the those snobby Clash/U2 fans types on the other side ( "I'm too cool and smart for you, plus I have no sense of humor! Weeeee!"), and minor things like the high school's so called 'hard rock' band was quoted saying inane things in the local paper like "We do classical things, like modes and scales", ranking that right up with the best from Spinal Tap and Bad News. But, on the good side, it was also a time when Nasty Habits first started with good ole Mike Jones passing out flyers for his new radio show at Metallica's show at the Rat, some really great cinema and music flipping about, hardcore was a new and unheard music form, Celebrations had a Metal night and after graduation I was in a few bands that frequented there every week, even opening up for the first Wargasm show ever because Metal Church cancelled. The band was called Bloodlust (named after a Venom song of course,) then soon changed it's name to Panic which also included Nick Clancy (HAIL) of Subjugator and Wrecking Crew. Highlighting this show was our old lead singer Billy who's last name I cannot spell because I forgot the fucking thing..... haha... announcing to the audience that it was the night of Nick's high school prom and saying "Fuck you Brookline high, he's doing a show with us tonight", or something along the lines of that brings back many of the memories of how good it is to finally graduate high school and move far away from the silliness of that world to pursue your own bit. But if high school got any closer than being compared to a John Hughes film, they were not kidding. That is, unless you were part of the so called 'in crowd', who to me represented the 4th Reich in all it's manners and etiquette. And to top things off we had a president who was going senile at the time, kinda like a far right wing Ozzy without being lovable in his "um, were was I now" bit. Never a dull moment in the 80's, sardonically speaking, for better or for worse.

Now, to steer you back on course...what was this supposed to be about? Oh yea, I was suppose to be reviewing a old 80's metal CD. Ooops, well fuck me! Oh omnipresent one, Sleazegrinder wanted a article on my old bands so not to disappoint the old codger, I decided to throw some old trips down memory lane in some of my reviews on a time long past. If that's too self indulgent for you, too fucking bad, who says an old guy can't have some fucking fun, you douche drinking party pooper?!

Now, moving along..........................

Warlord is a band that that reeks of those old days of metal with a strong European edge that was practically unheard of in the LA music scene in that time. Unless you count Metallica who went to San Fran around this time, but hate to say it, they just don't count anymore. It's not a really heavy album by many standards, but it did not need to be. While Manowar waved swords in your faces screaming endless rants of machismo on how great they are, (despite having a few really great metal songs in their mix and having much influence on my bass playing at a younger age - William's Tale anyone?) These guys sat back in their black castle with their candles and white frilly shirts and made some beautiful music in the way of Winter Tears and the nightmarish Ms Victoria ,spewing out tales of black masses, pennies for poor men and anti- nuclear war songs called Lucifer's Hammer.

Their later stuff paled in comparison, aside from the very beautiful lost and lonely days, the later vocalists and songs just did not cut it in my book but this is a classic in the Goth metal vein. I hear they just released a new CD after like 17 years. Nice to know your still got it in ya. Now go take those frilly shirts and go on, sally forth, move it, just fucking do it.

Warlord resources- They did just release a new DVD, and the fuckers even have a couple websites, mp3's included- Warlord (semi-official site), Warlord Battle Choir (German fan site) - Sleaze

-Greg Dellaria

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