Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Volume Nob

The Most High

Volume Nob are a semi-secret supergroup from N'awlins featuring members of Down, Crowbar, Black Label Society, and Graveyard Rodeo. Apparently, they've been living the hard-scrabble side-project life for ten years now, and are finally ready to rip a ragged, red hole into the fabric of rock n' roll on a global scale. Usually, you'd want your earth-cracking manifesto to top the 15 minute mark, but Volume Nob like to get in and out like smash n' grab jewel thieves, screamin' and bleedin' for 90 seconds at a time, and then getting the fuck outta Dodge. Soundwise, we're talking old-school thrash metal and hardcore, with just a hint of the sludge n' roll you'd expect from this particular gang of rock outlaws. The last two tracks ("Friend for Life" ? "Brutal Attack"? The track listing is a little screwy) are live, head-slamming hardcore-punk assaults that bring to mind Agnostic Front and Suicidal Tendencies, and they fuckin' slay, Jack. The first four tracks are more in the traditional metal vein, but they're pretty nasty little stabs of slam-pit hellfire as well. I dunno what else to tell you, man. It's goddamn aggressive, this record. If it could break your knees, it would.


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