Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Viva Vertigo

Viva Viva
Bad Afro

Copenhagen lounge-lizard Simon Beck found himself with a batch of million dollar songs, but only a battered acoustic guitar to scratch 'em out, and hell, he's not a fuckin' hippy, dig? So, he rounded up a buncha heavy-devy studio musicians, including bass player Mick Grondahl (Jeff Buckley band) and a slew of homegrown talent (Sune Rose Wagner on guitar, Kristoffer Sonne on drums, etc.), recorded said songs in proper rock band fashion, and called it "Viva Vertigo", 'cuz, let's face it, "The Simon Beck Experience" doesn't have enuff zing. The result, while bein' kinda lightweight for the normally red-assed fuzz-fiends over at Bad Afro, is a compelling mix of 80's FM pop and roots-rock. I don't even know how to describe it, really, 'cept to say that it reminds me of a haunted INXS riding a lonesome, cowskull-studded trail. Tracks like the psych-tinged "Jaguar Tornado" and the pseudo-surfy "Devilhead" come on like pleasant fever dreams, or maybe soundtracks to forgotten road-movies. "Diamond Crush" is Dick Dale-as-condemned-man, "Satellitte Song" is X drowning in a molasses flood, and there's some 60's-tinged garage-jangle in there, too. It's kinda creepy, sure, but I think that's the idea. Of course, ROCKING OUT to this 'un is out of the question, but it may be perfect for shooting a man in Reno, just to watch him die.


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