Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Violent Vortez

Lure Elegant
Secret Port

For once, it's all Greek to me on purpose. Violet Vortex are stoner rock holdouts from Athens, Greece, a city more known for it's primitive, grave robbing black metal than it is for deep and soulful grooves and sun-baked desert metal riffs. On Lure Elegant, the guitar sounds like a fizzing bottle rocket drunkenly weaving between this dimension and the bubbling, syrupy one on the other side of the thick black lake, only there's an exotic edge to the sound that got to be the trad-Greek influence creeping in, that makes Violet Vortex stand out from all the other sleepy dragon green machines out there. Although the vocals of St. Spirus could use some work- his words get wrenched around like a priest at the pulpit with a dog chewing on his ankle, and maybe their native tongue, with plenty of x's, k's, and z's to roll around in, might be better suited to his style- but when's the last time you listened to a stoner rock record for the vocals anyway? The screaming purple axes are what wins the prize in this game, and Violet Vortex have got it covered- acid drenched, doomy, double-wide and as classically inspired as the crumbling ruins in their home town. Nice slabbage of spacey drug rock from an overlooked chunk of land full of topless supermodels that is quickly storming the sandy beaches with a vast array of super fuzz.


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