Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vice Dolls

Die Trying

I saw a ladycop porn flick called "Vice Dolls" once ("What a big nightstick you have, Sarge!"), but it didn't sound nothin' like this. This versh o' Vice Dolls is a hahd-core band from Illinois (lil' town of Danville, to be exact) with a chick singer who looks like a heavily-tattooed Janine Garafolo and sounds EXACTLY like bottle rockets whizzing through the air. The rest of the guys just look like the same kinda seedy characters you find lounging around yr couch every Saturday night if yr, like, 24, and have a lotta roommates, and the racket they rocket is 'traditional' US 'core, ya know, no berserk noise or tuff-guy metal or that pussy pop stuff, just snarly speed-punk with screamalong choruses and the occasional blast of melody to keep things user-friendly. A very energetic sorta affair here, but the fun factor is on the cheapside of nil, cuz' VD take themselves WAY seriously ("Regrets! In your life! Regrets! Can't live down!" -you know, stuff like that), but I suppose if yer a hardcore punk-type, you get yr kicks some other way. Alcoholism, maybe. Anyway, if ya like fast, punchy punk rock, then I reckon these here Dolls are peddlin' yr kinda Vice.


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