Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Very Ape

Kosher Boogie

Ok, so it's not VERY Ape- I think the evil beatniks that got washed up on Gilligan's Island that time, with the furry vests and iron crosses, were way more Ape than these garage-boogie Swedes, but hell, it's ape enough for a Saturday night. Straight outta Stockholm, VA don't make one move here that couldn't have been concocted by any given arena rock monsters in 1976, which is entirely their point, I'm sure. There's a sunny wash of psychedelia radiating throughout Kosher Boogie, but for the most part, they sound like Sweet and Skynrd (before anyone died) jamming together like golden gods in front of 60,000 bellbottomed freaks. It's music for the people on the street, baby, it's the sound of traffic jams and bad news from Southeast Asia and long lines at the gas pumps and hot nights in the big city, and even if those 'people' are all driving SUV's and selling out to the Man now, you can't blame Very Ape, because they're waving the freak flag as high as they can here.


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