Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vega Lee's Apocalipstick

Church of the Immaculate Fetish Glam Punk

Everything about the way this CD looks pleases me. The cover features Vega Lee herself, a peroxided fox in fishnets, holding a shotgun, superimposed over a Bosch panel. The CD itself is silver glitter. You could attach some fishing line to it and spin it real fast, and it would look just like some tiny, half-assed mirror ball. The complicated title probably only makes sense to about 5 people on the entire planet, including me. The three tracks within sound like Alien Sex Fiend fronted by the meanest bitch of a girlfriend you ever had, reading from a voluminous list of all the things she hates about you. In short, if I could find some way to have sex with this disc, I would.


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