Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tokyo Cramps
Monster Session

The Tokyo Cramps do exactly that and toast The Cramps in a beguiling Japanese berserker style all their ownsome, and somehow sort of manage to sound even more unhinged than the rust in grease Lux Interior on Cramp-sick classics Dames Booze Chains And Boots, Bikini Girls With Machine Guns and Cramp Stomp alongside traditional Cramp-ages of Shortnin’ Bread, Surfin Bird and The Way I Walk. The mayhem monitor reaches further into the red by it being frequently unclear whether Elovis Interior is singing in his native tongue or English, or just spouting phonetic approximations of the words. The fact that the live ‘LSD’ side has three of the same songs on suggests this is a fun-house hoot n’ holler, side project or novelty curio but a worthy one, and not just in light of Lux’s recent passing. A wider (monster?) selection of tracks would be interesting.
Stu Gibson

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