Friday, February 20, 2009

Feel The Suck

Following the reissuing of their entire back catalogue last year (with a twenties epic cast of extras to the faantabulously titled Peruvian Vacation, Retard Picnic and erm the other couple with not so gratuitously great titleage) this three tracker (with even better than lead off track Hate Hate and Rock Gods) from recently rekindled skate thrash tykes are their first recordings in twenty years and show not a jot of consideration for those two decades. Exactly as it should be then, makes your eyes reel around the remains of your gumption, melodies are impressively distressed and condensed into a chip pan fire of tunefulness and it sweeps past as fast as a scroat on a poundshop pillage on giro day. Touring shortly with The Hard-Ons, maybe as the society of ever increasing idiocy secretes more human residue to superstar status such septic lampoonery is all the more essential.

Stu Gibson

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