Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Peter Pan Speedrock / Batmobile
Cross Contamination
People Like You

A double Dutch ditch-diving bruise carouse where these two defile the other’s sublime and supinely willing classics like eager beavers on acetylene-laced lubricants lay into each others songs with their own inimitable excitement-inducers. So the lust for life n’ liver ailments of Killerspeed and the attendant sleaze dereliction to make Kiss look like quivering clowns hiding under cushions that are Big Toy and the splendido gut-rut of Straight Back To Hormoneville get given the eighties psycho-steaming Batmobile stomp. And fucking love it. In turn PPSR billy up the er ‘billy in their panzerphet pain-raid on the ‘mobile’s nubile terror-enticers like Transylvanian Express and Dead (I Want Them When They Are Dead). And you’ll want this when you’re dead too, so best buy it early while you’re still alive. Or thereabouts. And stroll the fuck on, sinners.
Stu Gibson

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