Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Movie Star Junkies

‘I’d like to make you blind with a spoon’ – This Is Not A Light

Deprecatingly termed a ‘typical’ VR band where the main unifying link is that they’re all inadvertently up to the same standards this loosely linked concept based on Moby Dick author Herman Melville is destined to stand as one of the best. Not the sleaze stink you scabby dogs might expect as these Italian insanity-farers wash-up frazzled sea-shanties, surf frantic earth-tremors over subterranean country and hula the still throbbing, disembodied haunch of sixties pop onto a twitching tiki BBQ on vocals like incessant waves of salt-water desperation and guitars terrorising like giant squid tentacles or providing succour to a mariachi maiden as they parley their tales of exasperated existence, shipwrecks, beached affairs, debt, despair, loveless marriages, stranded in derangement, DT’s and disease in a nineteenth century ghetto. Staking enough claims to massacre the vampires in From Dusk Til Dawn for other over-used words like dazzling and breathtaking this as an all too rare occurrence in these days as your attention is drawn in like a man overboard into a whirlpool. Their listed influences of The Birthday Party & The Gun Club comparisons maybe accurate but this then transcends that rifle range by being able to harness the same, if not more, intensity with the inventive shriek of 16 Horsepower and the Murder City Devils final masterpiece In Name And Blood on waves of rhythms rolling in from many shores encompassing fascinating seas yet uncharted by the craziest captains and hushed over by the frightened maritime fraternity. Absolutely barking, utterly unique, should be up in the stars not scrabbling the slimy briny depths, as sinks with all hands on rotten decks those many trite efforts easily praised as being Cave/Waitsian or like pussified, palsied takes on The Pogues.
Stu Gibson

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