Friday, February 13, 2009

Farflung - A Wound in Eternity

A Wound in Eternity

Aliens from some faraway galaxy probably know this shit already, so maybe the following statement is perhaps more appropriate to us terrestrial types. But if you need a dictionary definition of space rock, Farflung’s A Wound in Eternity is it. Just listen to Unborn Planet, which kicks off the record. Its driving wash of guitars, swooping synthesizers, propulsive rhythms, echo-fried vocals and cosmic lyrics straight out of a Marvel comic are so textbook they should be taught to any band with an Orange amp and an envelope filter. Stella Volo, Silver Shrooms and Endless Drifting Wreck are variations on the same theme, but repetition is one of the strengths of this music, after all. VALIS and Sons of Otis pilot the same sort of rocketships, and Hawkwind and Helios Creed still make those starlost journeys from time to time, but Farflung has the style down as cold as the outer reaches of the Milky Way. This is the sort of acid tab whose blotter is made out of pages of Jack Kirby’s New Gods comics, expanding minds as fast as lightspeed can carry them.

- Michael Toland

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