Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dick Whiskey

Dick Whiskey not only plays drums for GO LIKE HELL, but he DRINKS and BEATS like hell.

"I drink bourbon everyday or chance I get," he admits. "I toss off a lot, as well." And, a man who admits he masturbates more than the doctor allows, is man made of steel. He bangs the bones out of every song with even steel spurs on. Go Like Hell are a pummeling group of sperm and egg cells out of Seattle, Washington. There in Smogville, they roam the streets stirring up the youth and pollution with whips and bull horns. Alexi Void is the sultry swinging singer who has performed with Gentitorturers and even posed in Hustler. From the sweat off her chest, to even the fog from her breath is adorned. Elvis Christ (guitar and vocals) drives a 60' Cadillac Hearse to gigs with their equipment and Supershit 666 in the deck player. Luvleggs prefers to crotch-dress and give old metal heads an eyeful. Rev. Spike, Dick's twin brother and bass player, conclude this fetal-fucking, psycho, tire-burning, circus. Once the Hearse arrives, the clown punchers jump out one by one and roll out their tongues for the High Priestess Of Rock And Porn to strut on. Back to Dick for now, and his sweaty fever to drown in Whiskey. He has 17 year old dreads tangled in thorns, yet, he never lets them interfere with playing drums or any other hollow holes. He grew up in Auburn, WA and moved to city in '84. From there, he's formed other bands, such as, The Pleasure Elite and Texylvania. Many of these same members are, also, heavily involved with Go Like Hell. Crafting their custom, stick-shift sound would take Christ's guitar pedal made out of chrome, Luvleggs amped-up attitude, the twin brother of Thorns' along with a slit of the wrist from everyone. Alexi was destined, as well, to stick her clit on top of this Cock N' Roll. It's only a matter of beers from now they'll be set to tour.
"We just finished recording a full-length, "Hell Bent Rock N' Roll" with 15 songs," Dick announces. "We just signed a deal with Buttermilk Records with two record releases. We have a show Saturday and are opening up for W.A.S.P. Tuesday at the Fenix Underground on August 31st. We've played with Zeke, Dragstrip Riot, and Zero Down. Zeke are old drinking buddies. I've also, opened for Alien Sex Fiend and KMFDM, but this was all years ago. We stole Alexi from the Genitorturers, but I grew up with everyone."
Fuel is what feeds their band and hearse to perform. My image of them on stage is so real I can't help but to duck at the beer being thrown.
"If you want to buy me a drink just hand it to me," Dick recalls.
Alexi isn't the only one that has crushes from lunatics fresh out of the psyche wards. I just know if Dick and I were to have triplets, Lil' Jim Beam, Dick Strutter, and Whiskey Thorn would also have a band to form.
"Send me a picture, Smutty, and make it a good one."


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