Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Canned Heat
The Boogie House Tapes Vol 3

While I despise tedious guitar scrotum-scratching sessions as much, nay more! more! I say, than the most ardent adherent of no-frills punk (this may not quite be the case but I'm making a point here, people) this double disc dive into the bilge of late sixties and early seventies live and unreleased tapes is a mighty reminder that such strenuous free-form flights of muso-malarkey can produce flurries of fantastical flights. Which is just as you may hope from the boogie-lava experimentalists and mavericks who constructed the churning, creepy, scalp-splitting ditty-drone-dirge On The Road Again (here in two multi-storey forms). It may help that a lot of it stems from the troubled spirits that saw the suicide of founder cook Alan 'Blind Owl' Wilson but there’s a lucid ferocity that takes it to realms of star-shooting galaxies far from the addled hippie self-satisfied sloposphere of the graceless ‘Dead or Hendrix’s yawning chasms of lysergic Woodstock / Isle of Wight inter-swell-head overdrivel seepage.
Stu Gibson

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