Friday, February 06, 2009

44 Caliber
Suckled at the breasts of 80s hair bands like GN'R and the Crue, Sweden's 44 Caliber are some serious sleaze rock motherfuckers. (Yeah, that image is weird as hell. Sure, rockstars all dressed like girls back then, but I'm still fairly certain none of them ever lactated. Although they may have been lactated on.) Anyway, a solid five song e.p., despite the ESL lyrics. (From Fake: "I don't need CNN to tell me/You're nominated for a Golden Globe"-what the heck? Guys, nobody in America watches award shows anymore.) I like these dudes; I like their balls-out imported rock 'n' roll, I like the stadium sing-along chorus of All Those Wasted Years, I like the sweet lighter-flicker ballad, Dreams, and I especially like the way they all look like characters from the Lord of the Rings. Check 'em out...
(Okay, I just tried to upload their photos, to no avail. But you should mosey on over to their myspace page ( to see C.C. (vocals) as hobbit, Chris (guitars) as warrior man, Nikke (bass) as elf, and Flodiz (drums) as orc. It's awesome. )

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