Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Werevilsdare - Full Moon Fury

Dark Ride
Zodiac Killer

Imagine some black metal guitarist moonlighting in a lycanthrope-fixated garage rock band and you’ve got this bizarrely named Pennsylvania quintet. With buzzsaw guitar grunge that sounds like it was recorded in an abandoned refrigerator, butter tub drumming and vocals like Lemmy on a rockabilly bender, Full Moon Fury is all splatter, no flatter. Ya gotcher horror flick obsession (The Dead Zone, Return of the Living Dead, Scream Queens), yer general horror aesthetic (Sometimes They Come Back, Forgotten & Dead, Satanik a Go-Go) and, natch, yer werewolf envy (Cycle of the Wolf, American Werewolf, the title track). My personal pick to click (the remote) is Race With the Devil, which builds up such maniacal dragstrip mayhem I actually believe the band has been in the titular contest. An unholy hybrid of the Misfits, the Cramps, the Fuzztones and Guitar Wolf, Werevilsdare does gonzo macabrock right.

- Michael Toland

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