Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wayne County And The Electric Chairs
Rock’n’Roll Cleopatra

Mainly known for punk comp-teasing, attention grabbing novelty classic of 'shock! horror!' outrage Fuck Off, Jayne, or Wayne as s/he was then before the trans-op, is far more of a New Yawk rock-colossus than frequently acknowledged. Around before the Dolls and Bowie in theatre, but only taking off in '77's aunthento-punk-starved Lahnden, this compilation of the three albums, and the Blatantly Offenzive EP (Fuck Off, along with fetish-fishing grotesquerie Toilet Love and Mean Muthafuckin’ Man – nope, not the WASP one!) with The Electric Chairs as Wayne takes place in a three year blaze in late seventies and is an all but perfect and graphic (no Trying To Get On The Radio or Cream In My Jeans) showcase of the trash-queen. As County can raise thanks to Rock’n’Roll for helping conquer what musta been a tough ride growing up gender-bending in the bible-belt, our chosen crypt can return thanks that these metallic-edged show tunes a la Alice and, sssh, Kiss apply the mixed-up cut-up tales into larger than life theatrical cabaret in turns and simultaneously amusing, fun and funny, wry and wreathed in thought provoking pathos as well as sick-locating laughs, not bathed in the bitter bilge of aimless vitriol. Nope this ain’t titled R’n’R Cleopatra for nowt, County being far too intelligent and confident for such tantrums, the confrontational and provocative posturing well-targeted (sleazy club-running scum on MMMan, and lovely West Side Story style love between a punk and a ted on Spector ballad meets Pistols lampoon Eddie And Sheena). Slated at the time for the too rock-ist guitaring it is ever appropriate in suiting such musical stylistics whilst escaping pastiche, which is some accomplishment, so forget such jibes, bearing in mind they were from Sounds in the punkambodia late seventies when only roughneck bands under the metal banner (AC/DC) and bands with such charismatic boys-own characters that it was, and is, hard to dislike them (namely Thin Lizzy and the loveable scamp Lynott) and flaunt it, this ain't no peepshow it's on open display so pay up and preen.
Stu Gibson

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