Thursday, January 15, 2009

Vincent Price
Master Of The Macabre

Hey now hey now now indeed, here’s something a little different. Fabled horrorteur and culltural connoisseur Mr Vince regales listeners with his imposing yet sensuous tones that tuck you in with their commanding timbre (when you put to bed the apparent influence he had on both Leonard ‘Rigsby in Rising Damp’ Rossiter and Kenneth Williams) resonating on airs of cultivated menace and impertinently impending drama. From the BBC’s Suspense radio series these three creepy adaptations (or four, if you include the advert for Kent cigarettes, back in the days when a well refined filter could cure all a chaps ills) include Poe’s The Pit And The Pendulum, each one perfect for twiddling toes in front of the fire of a bleak winter eve, twirling your moustaches under the influence of a tincture of laudanum (imagineth, I) with one hand, reclining resplendent in paisley smoking jacket in high-backed leather chair, while you fend off the wisps in the wind outside causing your female companion to near swoon states.
Stu Gibson

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