Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Punk and Disorderly – 2 Further Charges

Well the title and cover say it all do they not? Here we have a crass and sickening swim through a load of second and third wave and rate punk outfits, lending their often not insignificant contributions to the clichéd punk habits of gob-strewn Mohicans, sweaty bald geezers brandishing beer-guts around and the occasional shard of enjoyable curiosity in a parade of generally (and aptly) bootleg quality clips for some aural snuff fun. There’s plenty of footage from the first Holidays In The Sun festivals in Blackpool from the mid-90’s (Buzzcocks, English Dogs, Drones, Splodge, Casualties) but also some classics to grind yer guts to along with yer Great White cider (early clips of Broken Bones and Abrasive Wheels aged about eleven, Adicts and Toy Dolls promos, GBH and Sham in Japan, UK Subs with Charlie Harper dressed comically like Stiv Bators in leather n’ studs, The Vibrators dolled up on German TV, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, The Lurkers in mid-80’s limbo, erroneous purveyors of punk’s cretinous clichés The Exploited). As ever with budget punk comps it all depends on your stomach for bingeing on the drip-trays of the derelict and how much fun you can have with absolutely unnecessary boot-boys like The Business and Angelic Upstarts – though they do win points for hilariously having a topless dancer cavorting in horrendous fetish gear looking like Annie Lennox with rabies, and distinctly less sexy.
Stu Gibson

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