Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bound For The Bar Festival Tour DVD

Taken from the two gigs at Berlin’s SO36 club on the People Like You label's Festival tour of summer 2007, this monstrous vfm package incorporates several live sets, documentary and audio clips. So what if the life on the road anecdotes aren’t particularly illuminating, if at all (besides The Grit’s apparent new-found love of Scrabble and Peter Pan Speedrock previous tour tales of systematically punching each other in the kidneys of an evening which combined with their already seeming prodigious appetites for chaos-confounding concoctions musta bruised slightly) if The Grit, especially whenst they ditch the ska for their pristinely inspiring punkabilly clash n’ clatterings that only improve when viewed with their stage presence and the staggeringly mob-happy Angel City Outcasts never mind PPSR's Motorhead in a Zeke-o-caust and Swiss smart poetics The Peacocks don’t make you wanna go to the rock show and wriggle then you either have no life or must at least like Wednesday 13 overly or something.
Stu Gibson

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