Thursday, January 08, 2009

Where’s Captain Kirk? – The Very Best Of…

Despite, to the wider worlds, entering the realms of one-hit wonderland with the classic novelty of indulgent lampoonery this collection is named for, the never stagnant (in name terms at least - the Spizz brand went from Spizzoil to Spizzenergi to Athletico Spizz 80 among others) Spizz was a little more than punk’s first Sultans Of Ping. Alongside further queries for the Star Trek scriptwriters in the shape of Spock’s Missing which sounds for all the worlds and sundry other galaxies like he’s gone on a landscape oddity course lectured by the Swell Maps, there’s the PIL disco machine gunnery of Soldier Soldier, Combat-Clash of Jungle Fever, lovingly dotty covers of Virginia Plain and, moreso, The Model, Numan-esque space gesticulations of Effortless and Mega City 3 and New Order-y house anthem Only You. Something for everyone? Maybe. Or a case of fifty seven old punks now that age weren’t wrong after all.
Stu Gibson

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