Thursday, January 08, 2009

Nitro 17
Onto The Other Side

In the world of literally every which but loose having a ‘billy tag on the end, these Berliners, including one time Mad Sin and Chip Hanna cohort Tex Morton on git-tar alongside Nikki Sudden’s one time drummer, should well be applauded for tying a different ribbon round the old sow’s legs. An’ it ain’t yellow, but has a distinct celluloid slick stain about it, petrolly, pissy maybe but kinda pleasing even if it may not quite indulge your fantasies to their various hilts. Though it cracks a fair, or furry, whip and sure could lick a greasy sub-groinal drip. Some’ll shrug and say it’s too diluted but this grinds the dust outta magic carpets above crumbling garages’ parapets with punk-beaten spiralling ska-tterings. Polished, but not in the over pasteurised puerile prancings of preening posturers. Yeah yeah anyway, Jo Fischer actually sorta sings for starters and seconds and they have the no-trifling third course chops to roll The Smiths' Panic over and again into a shimmering star-burnt tango ‘cross hungover dehydrated deserts with tremolo-ing tumbleweeds stumbling by their fairly ample helpings not dissimilar to the Sin or even shhhh The Horrorpops. Which does ‘em no disservices.
Stu Gibson

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