Thursday, January 08, 2009

Music Reviews from Smutstruttah

Nebular Mystic
Karmageddon Media

Epidemic Black Metal influences of Nebular Mystic are as follows: Immortal, Darkthrone, Dimmu Borgir and Susperia. With origins dating back to the late winter of 1999, Nebular Mystic found their calling through cryptic, dark deep-throat droning. Murder serves as their
momentum as metal becomes their motive. If you enjoy long walks through frigid forests along with long periods of darkness, then Necrotic is right up your ice caverns. On a good day,Necrotic songs will infect plant and animal tissue due to inadequate blood supply, bacterial infection, traumatic injury, and/or hypothermia. As for more recent releases and rot-promoting lyrics, you can check out their 2007 recording courteous of Stange Kommunale Studio.

Superior Massacre

Nothing beats waking up to break of a beautiful dawn with one of Norway's most volatile Death Metal bands bickering full-throttle about breaking cheekbones and enhancing the scar tissue on your beatifully battered face. It provokes me to primp in the mirror with the palest of powder, and apply rouge and eyeliner ever so unsubtly. I can't imagine Superior Massacre, Norway would ever have a high domestic violence rate with Myrkystkog's songs that read, "Detained In Skin", "Trapped In Torment", and "Blood Ejaculation". I could be wrong, or this is a common case of attention deficit disorder and they only strike out with brain-bashing lyrics like these in order to attract the opposite sex of equal, tumultuous behavior. Regardless, heavy isn't the word for this recoding. Most Goregrind I've heard couldn't even touch this with their most horrific hymn. Brutal and inhuman seem more of an appropriate approach to detect their growling, homicidal

The Bexar County Bastards
R.N.R.L.A.M.F. - The Demo

Introducing San Antonio's Most Hated Men (and One Womern)! Now rocking and residing in Austin, TX. It's more rare to find a band that sucks in Austin Rock City than it is finding a virgin in it. Booze and bar brawling babes come one in one when it comes The Bexar County Bastards. This little dirty band from TexASS are not exactly sitting around in their underoos scratching their nads on the front porch, either. While shopping their debut demo around, they intend to take west coast, by storm via rollercoaster. Rocking out loud and staying proud, their one of the more determined bastards, I came across. With Exit signs reflecting in their mirror shades, they've got one thing on their wreckless driving records mind, and thats know that's
highway-bound. These roadhounds are fully equipped with 6-song demo release, just as soon as reps get their dirty little hands on RNRLAMF. Personally, I can find myself moved by their last, but not least sleaziest, greasiest song. If you're looking for something to replace you're old Dangerous Toys and Broken Teeth, then you'll be glad to know previous members of both of these bands currently reside within TBCB.

Trechoma Records

There is a clean, cutting edge exhuming from Powderhog that I can not only feel, but smell using only a my nostrils and an exhaust. This upcoming Danish release is something you should consider keeping your dilated pupils peeled wide open for. If anybody deserves a slot in the
Nordic Challenge for a chance to play in Swedish Rock Festival, it's certainly these nitty gritty, dusty dirt road, Danish lads that make Garage Rock look like Block Rock. An anonymous resource has quoted, "typical Scandinavian Rock" but if Denmark keeps panning out not-so
trendy indie groups like these, were in for solid reason to put on leather boots and Chevy SS belt buckles. I could see them pairing up beside Gluecifier, Peterpan Speedrock, Bad Preachers and El Guapo Stuntteam, giving us all the more reasons to throw our fists up for the rock.

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