Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Lucky Ones

‘The past makes no sense, the future looks tense…’ - The Open Mind

New or most recent outing from Seattle mainstays shows them meandering into middle years as irreverent and cheeky as ever, rawer than ever slugging chunks of garage grunk and equilibrium-looping psychedelic pile-ons that could eradicate pylons in a split second and festoon your squat and squeamish haunches with an electric load of it’s own loathsome and loathsomely sublime lubri-creations, loading up the skip for a merry spree down slightly pre-industrial highways on a Ministry meets Stooges slouch, notably opening drill I’m Now and TV Eye on the Little Doll Next Time. Back to basics they say and back to the sort of failsafe form they started allowing to stay stoned and grow fungus from second full-lenghter Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge. Maybe not the essential schismatics they once were, yet settling into Fuzztones / Cramps style cult status and (ok, maybe not quite so) camp curios (though see Inside Out Over You) does them no harm whatsoever and is a spot many luckier one see no joy in gleaning. Alongside delightful new additions to their addled family like bad-wave surf trip And The Shimmering Lights and continuing the socio-political-philosophical rants like The Open Mind they’re still colossally superfuzzy for the quite contentedly staying sick and the not afraid to suck and see more than you can shimmy yer slick hips around. Go get lucky, punks!
Stu Gibson

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