Thursday, January 08, 2009

London Cowboys

Centred around UK punk stalwarts Steve Dior and Barry Jones who can claim credit due for their part in helping the fledgling punk scene flap it’s wings by their running of The Roxy (for more see Paul Marko’s book The Roxy London and stint as Sid Riduclous’s backing band, The London Cowboys carried on where The Idols, Jerry Nolans post-Heartbreakers band, left-off. With jetboy Jerry denied lift-off back to the UK these two oiks ironed their own creases into post-punks’ creative puddle and slipped merrily downstream without paddle or podium but a major hit in underground France. Rounded up here is one disc each of both released stuff and tall-standing scruffs from their signed, sealed and sat-on L.A. L.A. period. Thusly featuring a plethora of the dear departed or deadbeat from London’s smack-addled alleyways scratched into every cut here – Jerry, Johnny, Mike Monroe, Pete Farndon, Terry Chimes, Glen Matlock, Syl Sylvain Surprisingly to the outsider no Nikki or Kussy, a double act these two do engender traces of, being from similar streets if not the old boys of the same ragged school though largely lacking their delectable idiosynracies or delicate affectations, however likeable their reeking stench of coke-cracked eighties and scabby glitsch-kissed glam is - ‘I’m not asking for your tea or your sympathy / But at least you could throw me a line’ they, umm, coyly slur on Saigon, saying, aptly, all or nothing. You decide for once, as these scabrous accounts dragged sagging delectably from canyons between paving slabs scale a toxic mix of Hollywood hair metal with English anecdotal appraisals of love languishing alone in shadows more than hob-nobbing posturers in punk’s post glory puerile sewers they’re sometimes stranded in.
Stu Gibson

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