Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Jim Jones Revue
The Jim Jones Revue

‘As A Matter Of Fact, It’s A Matter Of Fuck…’ – Fish Fry

This gallivanting n’ gyrating troupe centre round ex-Thee Hypnotics front-loon and lead fracasauteur and sometime Urban Voodoo Machine harp-vamp* Jones and are set to thwart any yawns at the Little Richard limboing with The Sonics under The Stooges raw-eyed power-swagger. Allaying any lethargic name-dropping they push everything red-wards and beyond throwing pianner keys in Iggy’s eyes courtesy of ace in the Jones Elliott Mortimer, Jones himself crunching out some of the most joyfully eye-pinning guitar gut-shots since James Williamson alongside Rupert Orton, all resembling the entire ensemble of Nuggets knuckle-dusting Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight, the solo to old whores chest-nut Meat Man harking back to the gloriously egregious slather on Rock Around The Clock or King Creole upto the most bestial of belches from the Voodoo Rhythm barn. Swampy, slimy, greasy, dirty but completely hooked up and electrifying this sure nuff and YAY it be one thirty minute tirade of rock’n’roll at it’s most rollickingest and primeval moverist, and with it’s sting in the tail stripping you down ready for some new skin for the oldest most vital ceremony before you whip off like a hot-dogging, hum-dinging, heart-draining hot-rodded dodge that don’t ever deviate, THAT, is a motherhumper.
* (
Stu Gibson

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