Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Hot Club Of Cowtown
The Best Of…

Recently reformed following a hiatus throughout much of this decade The Hot Club hoove back into view whipping wilt-less, ever wistful and definitely not witless or listless Western Swing on your tail with this compilation handpicked by the trio themselves from their years on the noted Hightone indie label (one time home of Julie and Buddy Miller for starters). Maybe not as dusty nor as bonkers or, through no crime of their own, possessing the historical aspect as those old originals like Bob Wills, Hank Penny and Spade Cooley (see the Proper Records tireless box-sets such as thisa one www.propermusic.com/products.asp?recnumber=532) the Hot Club combine plaintive fiddles with stomping riverboat jazz and jumpin’ Jelly Roll Morton riddims of the twenties and thirties all topped off and resolutely un-tucked with wild-west saloon shoot-outs. Despite being sweetly produced it stands distinct from bluegrass and the commercial saccharine of, say, an Alison Krauss and is more like Asleep At The Wheel but steaming through deeper, stiller waters. Faultlessly played, dapperly delivered and a fiercely fragrant and joyous frolic whether playful or pensive.
Stu Gibson

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