Thursday, January 08, 2009


‘Hope I live before I get old…’ – Jukebox Generation

Though this fourth slaloming slam-sermon sees ringmaster John Robb and his merry marauders all dolled up as jolly jacktars and buccaneers for the event, it ain’t just a jape and a jest suggested by the title track and the woah-along air-fisting grimace fests like Beyond God And Elvis and single Jukebox Generation. Shoring up in the eighties with mirth and malice aplenty to scrape plenty of pieces ‘cross the cheeks of jaw-jutting fuckwits harking back to an entirely different 1983, the rambunctious rolling wave as usual crests the Ramones and The Damned but, being no strangers to plundering the rich seams of swag, bordering on Adicts from musical treasure chests, on this outing they heave ho the anchor splicing Pirates of the Caribbean themes in your FACE and grinding the gristle like Captain Sensible on the gin like Flynn, press-ganging a few Ants and beating a few barrels of crude Oi – to pilfer a page from the GB book of punnery. Detractors may crow and squawk from naysayers nests that the cartoon continueth but as usual, moreso from Rebel Songs, the cavalry-charged choruses, captain to crew call and response verses and juddering riffs nail-gunning the Batman theme to the mast, strive to mask a slew of astutely wired witticisms and idiosyncratic punk-rock parables whether pontificating politically on Do The Neo Con, socially on Everbody’s On Drugs, Kids Of Today or Riot! Riot! to musical history lessons on Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone?
Stu Gibson

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