Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gandalf Murphy And The Slambovian Circus Of Dreams
The Great Unravel

Following from the magnificent double-disc sprawl of Flapjacks From The Sky this third album can only disappoint, one may suppose. Gladly though there’s nary a scant cause or trace of such cynicism aboard the good ship Slambovia as their spectacularly starry-skied spaceploration psychedelic folk-pop resonates with hopes and truths. They may term it ‘Hillbilly-Floyd’ and sure, they have an air of both Floyd and maybe Bowie at times (explicitly so on the Lucifer Sam in The Man Who Fell To Earth – but not to sell a resemblance of it but to provide some respite from it’s and our inherent ruptures – meteor shuffle of the title track) atop their folkcountry roots (note, not fauxcountry) but it’s done with a warmth and comfort of a mystical Nebraska or poetic Crazy Horse. And fear not the hippy and instinctive harrumphs about the Grateful Dead and Van Morrison, for, despite looking like a grown up Jellyfish or even Black Crowes’ or Imperial Drags’ sagacious, reclusive cousins, such magisterial and maverickly illuminating glowing showers of song are charming, beguiling breaths of fresh air in the manner of Mike Scott where every chord is a crashing wave of optimism despite the situation in hand. Quietly enchanting.
Stu Gibson

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