Monday, January 12, 2009

Fields Of The Nephilim
Paradise Regained - Live In Dusseldorf

There’s always gonna be a spot of bother with Nephilim live videos, not noted for being stalwarts upholding the ancient lore of audience participation…in their case that extends to audience acknowledgement. Whereas a show would sweep you away on wings of power wrap you writhing into its protective vortex, watching the results on the screen will never mean you have to adjust your spectacle levels, short of you having an insatiable Carl McCoy fetish or working out what the seven hells of sin and abstinence little Nod Wright does with such a huge drumkit. Even on moments that would make Steve Harris bound across the stage in full-tilt gallop as on the truncated Trees Come Down Mr McCoy manages barely a twirl or slight motion away from centre-stage, though when he does it’s with a laconically slow menacing gait. Filmed on the Elizium tour it’s a similar set to the blazing Earth Inferno, but including Sumerland and omitting the glorious torrent of Love Under Will. Not the shamanic experience much espoused by the diminutive occultist, much be-shrouded in smoke and lacking the charisma of Andrew von Eldritch it’s nevertheless worth a whirl, though maybe in conjunction with their much more entertaining video clips.

Stu Gibson

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