Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mood Poisoner

From fellow Glaswegian noisescrapers Mogwai’s label comes this ferociously disturbing, unsettling ultra-hardcore thrash brandishing some of the scariest exhaust chewing larynx heard for some time, not to mention the utterly sphincter-shredding guitar ravages where most semblances of riffs are suffocated with their own viscera. Scowling over estate-toppling time-tremors that switch psychotically with the rancid grimace of the initially polite nut-job that asked you for a smoke outside the Spar but just as a preliminary to batter you, this lot are tooled up for urban warfare, and rattle through a remorseless, absolutely non-regrettable torture garden that’ll ream you to your core. Don’t fucking play it to your friends ‘less you want their blood and fetid matter you never would have imagined existed in the darkest recesses of Clive Barkers mind on your hands and in your FACE. Such a provocatively brutal assault do they inflict that frontman P6 takes to the stage in a Kevlar vest. Fuck that, you should get one to listen to this in as well as the Spandoflage they screech about. Besides the humourously titled Cock Swastika, Tonguescraper and Latrine Lizard, as well as cute pun Questionable Sport this is a death-trip of acute hernia-causing destruction and shouldn’t really be taken as some GG Allin shock-warriors. This is business, a grim, dirty business, and these boys are loving every nauseating second. The aural equivalent of having your home ransacked and tortured but in such a twisted way you forgive the cheesegrater knee-capping and plead to get practiced in the arts of such depravo punk as the only way you’ll be able to retain any structure to what’s left of your life and being. As I said sometime ago about similar noise-sadists Some Girls ‘These are the sort of people that'd get a job in an asylum just to amuse themselves by removing the pads from the cells and undoing inmates straightjackets to watch them disembowel themselves.’ (http://www.sleazegrinder.com/review_2-28SomeGirls.htm)
You have been warned, now go and wind ‘em up.
Stu Gibson

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