Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The David Johansen Group

Following the Dolls less than dainty demise David Jo deftly demonstrated his Jagger tendencies stretched beyond the rubber lips and limp wrists with this solo shimmy that tempers the Dolls punked up R’n’B roots with signs of the times, before all the Buster Poindexter and painful bit-parts. Sylvain was on the permanent payroll (and also Thunders making a scant appearance here) as DJ took note of the prevailing winds blowing in from different shores and concocted a barn-grilled rhythm and soul revue in the shade of Springsteen, Mink Deville and maybe even Billy Joel. This sweatily aromatic set includes disco (hit shuffle Funky But Chic), new wave nightrain’s (Cool Metro, Girls), ropey though more entertaining than gut-wrenching covers like Build Me Up Buttercup and Reach Out (I’ll Be There)…alongside an atrocious stab at The Supremes Love Child and Dolls covers (a suitably sleazy and knee-sweat licking Looking For A Kiss and comical trot through Personality Crisis where the caricature descends into overdrive). As seen in his recent ‘If Rod can do it so can I’ blues covers albums the man knows his stuff and the fact that he can’t fail to come across as quite the cunt without any of Jerry Lee’s psychotic amenability shouldn’t detract from this sweet little rock’n’roller, nor should his increasingly strangled rasp that often threatens to imitate Beavis.
Stu Gibson

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