Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Caravans
The Best Of The Caravans – Lying With Dinosaurs

This long-standing UK ‘billy brigade of two-plus decades might not generally be mentioned alongside The Meteors, Demented or Nekromantix in your current psycho lala hall of fame but, like with near-contemporaries King Kurt, Long Tall Texans and Guana Batz they easily straddle the divides and confines of the rockin’ ratataternity. More of a rockin’ riot hitting the hillbilly between the border towns, slapping some true grit between the chafed groins and gargling the frenzy of A superlative amalgamation mixing the brawn you might expect from a chap outta the navy with the tender-hearted narrations of fast driven hard living, Just Won’t Die, Restless Heart, Never Gonna Love Ya and Get A Head are exquisite gurn alongs that deserve devouring by every and any shade of rictus rocker. Turning dour demeanour into torrential grins, driver Mark Peningtone is one unsaluted songjurer in league with La Batz Stuart Osbourne, dappling traditional rhythms with unique ruminations on those familiar territories of flighty females and whiskey woes.
Stu Gibson

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