Thursday, January 08, 2009

Buffalo Killers
Let It Ride

Second album in and several large strides made from this Ohio trio. The dense, almost upside down goth beardage may give the game away to their unassuming ruminations – personified in opening preamble lurch to Get Together Now Today – that they straddle carcasses of late sixties colossi. Flared, check-shirted riffs, hazy Woodstock wisps amid Daltrey / Plant wails and Moon meteor shower drumming prevail like the rockolithic myths they allude to. No surprises then that The Black Crowes get a name-check and rather this than the over-rated rump-sagging of Kings of Leon. New Albini / Endino on the block Dan Auerbach of the Black Lips chops out a tight line in production duties, guitars up close shaving your chin and scalping the nondescript Neil Young nuances of their previous album. Where much can be measured at a rate of plod, at its best on On The Prowl and closer Black Paper there’s the venerable aroma of Flamin’ Groovies at their most gung-ho and Creedence at their most transcendental (think the last half of Ramble Tamble and ride on. Brothers and sisters).
Stu Gibson

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