Friday, January 16, 2009

Arthur Louis
Black Cat

Apparently this long-standing blues train a-comin’ was given a guitar by Hendrix and features Clapton as sometime guest at rancho el arthurio. Well, if you wanna see how ol’ Jimi may have ended up given Clapton’s rapid descent into plastic prominence, followed lesserly by JJ Cale and Taj Mahal. Indeed Mr Louis it was who demonstrated to magpie Eric how to mix reggae blues and pop/rock and off he trotted to the land of the trite-handed man. With a pleasant, cask-aged rasp and laudable tendency to lay off the fret-flagellation, he showcases those reggae roots (being born in Jamaica) on Birthday and the title track, mellow electronic gurgles on One Day I’m Gonna Wake Up meld the candelit with the computer, and at it’s best on Fast Car and Born To Sing The Blues there’s tentative foot to the shag-carpeted floor metallic Texas blues and the haunting spectres of citified blues-past as perfected by BB King, even if it is a ghostly sheet pressed into safe straight edges. As sure-footed urbane, non-threatening or surface-dredging suave-sipping blues goes if you’re gonna do it, at least do it like this.
Stu Gibson

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