Monday, December 22, 2008

Another Saturday Night
Giants of Love/Sidewalkin'
7" single
Slow Gold Zebra Records

Yep, it's another Saturday night in NYC, and you're heading out to your favourite local bar, having finally managed to scrub the dirt out from beneath your fingernails. You shoot the shit with the bartender, Dale, who knows your preferred brand of beer without you having to tell him. You say hey to some friends playing pool in the corner, adjust your balls, take a long pull from the cold bottle, head over to the stage and nod your head in time to the Stones-by-way-of-Dolls garage rock the band is playing. It's another Saturday night, man, and the world is A-okay.

Animal Mother
Zodiac Killer

Brainerd is from Wisconsin, has a cover shot of a naked woman covered in some milky liquid and, in lieu of liner notes, pix of the members dead from various violent means. That says a lot right there, I suspect, but in case that’s not enough, there are crusty power riffers like The Legion (of Super Whores, that is), Jesus (the libretto of which is pretty much someone screaming his name over and over) and Deb Lee (a twisted sea shanty set to a stoner rock groove). There’s even a cover of the band’s homeslice Killdozer (“Ed Gein,” natch), though Brainerd is a lot more tuneful than those guys. It almost comes across as an art project, but the group is obviously a lot more interested in farts than art – nothing sounds pre-planned or too thought out. File under “unselfconscious slimy crunge” and wash your hands afterward.

- Michael Toland

The Torpedo Monkeys
Lunchtime With the Torpedo Monkeys
Zodiac Killer

Germany’s Torpedo Monkeys are a testament to the punk rock underground’s continued fascination with the Cramps. Lunchtime With is punk-injected ‘billy in the old-fashioned style, before the so-called “psychobilly” movement infected the genre with bad Misfits imitations. Lead howler Little Lance Link isn’t as gonzoid as Lux Interior (no one is, of course), but he’s got personality out the yin-yang, and the pack bangs away behind him with the right mixture of frenzy and panache. And any band that names songs “The Day They Melt My Face,” “Same Room, Different Teeth” and “Shim Sham Chimpanzee” has got somedamnthing goin’ on.

- Michael Toland
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