Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Truckstop Lovechild
A Damn Good 33:52
Zodiac Killer

I can’t get no satisfaction/I can’t get no two girl action, complains Vincent Ferrari on Truckstop Lovechild’s second album. I hear ya, brother. TLSC does dirty rock & roll right, hitting the sweet spot betwixt punk and hard rock, spitting and snarling about everything and everybody in the world that’s done ‘em wrong (or right, if it’s alcohol and loose women) and just generally being ornery with the volume cranked. That the band does all this whilst bashing out real songs (complete with more than three chords and one riff apiece) like Long Ride Home, Jay Was Right and the self-explanatory F is For Fuck puts the cherry bomb on the bumcakes. A Damn Good 33:52 is truth in advertising at its best.

- Michael Toland

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