Monday, December 22, 2008

The Torpedo Monkeys
Lunchtime With the Torpedo Monkeys
Zodiac Killer

Germany’s Torpedo Monkeys are a testament to the punk rock underground’s continued fascination with the Cramps. Lunchtime With is punk-injected ‘billy in the old-fashioned style, before the so-called “psychobilly” movement infected the genre with bad Misfits imitations. Lead howler Little Lance Link isn’t as gonzoid as Lux Interior (no one is, of course), but he’s got personality out the yin-yang, and the pack bangs away behind him with the right mixture of frenzy and panache. And any band that names songs “The Day They Melt My Face,” “Same Room, Different Teeth” and “Shim Sham Chimpanzee” has got somedamnthing goin’ on.

- Michael Toland

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