Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Super Sexy Boy 1986
Royal Peacocks
Zodiac Killer

Cheap Wine aside, I don’t usually think of Italy when I think of rock & roll. Super Sexy Boy 1986 is changing my mind, though. Despite a name that made me think the fivesome was a gimmicky 80s electro-revivalist fuck-up, the band instead injects 60s garage rock with a nuclear-powered vibe, spewing orgasmic energy everywhere. Which ain’t to say that it’s just a big clusterfuck of trashy guitar and cheesy organ minus point or purpose. Bed, Russhina Black Magic and The News are honest-to-Music Machine songs, not half-assed riffs amped up on speed and Red Bull in the hopes you won’t notice how little effort was made in the writing department. Singer Nicola’s got plenty of feral energy, but is hardly an incomprehensible bawler. A nice surprise, this.

- Michael Toland

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