Tuesday, December 16, 2008

CD reviews, December 16

The Atomic Bitchwax
Meteor City

The Atomic Bitchwax now have Bob Pantella on drums, making him the second Monster Magnet member (but first ex-Raging Slab member) to take a stab at TAB's boogie and bloozy ways after Ed Mundell kicked things off way back when TAB was a cosmic juggernaut of stormy jam n' roll. But Pantella's Magnetian presence hasn't brought that old Bitchwax sound back and the band picks up where they left off on 3 by hurdling headlong into complete prog-esque pop this time around. Sure, 4 includes TAB's signature cellar dwelling instrumentals, but on songs like "Revival" and "Daisy Chain" the band drones on like Big Elf and masters the melodies like The Wildhearts, respectively. They even decide to throw in some handclaps along the way, which might be a first for a stoner rock band, but manage to do it all without losing their ability to keep things equally weird and hazy. So, I guess this is what you'd call a goodtime acid trip, and honestly, when's the last time you had one of those?

-Jeff Warren

Early Man
Beware the Circling Fin
The End

Beware the Circling Fin is Early Man's latest 4-song EP and it totally fucking slays. It comes on so slick and quick it sounds like Satan spitting black bullets - opener "Sinking the Blade" is clearly Early Man's "Hit the Lights" - and the rest of it rolls on like laughter during a killing spree, the title track tearing at your soul like King Diamond, but without the ominous hoof beats and foggy carriage rides, of course. Pure primeval thrash, this one is.

- Jeff Warren

Bad Lieutenants
Born a Bad Seed
Teenage Heart

Fast n' thrashy hangover-rock from a buncha dudes who look like they're consistently late with the rent. Six songs, most of 'em about getting hassled - by cops, chicks, landlords - played with the kind of conviction you can only get from truly desperate characters.
PS: You've gotta appreciate a band willing to write a song about an obscure recent year, as the BL's have done with the Pistols-y 2006. Who even remembers 2006?


The Jim Jones Revue
The Jim Jones Revue
Punk Rock Blues

I know this album was released back in September and I'm as surprised as you are that I didn't actually hear it sooner. And I don't mean put the needle to the wax myself hear it, I mean hear it as a sonic sensation tearing through the fabric of time and space that would reach my ears whenever anyone else played it. Shit, man, this buzzing beast of a debut from Jim Jones, the reverend of righteous rock himself of Thee Hypnotics and Black Moses fame, and his rabble rousing Revue is dirtier than Jerry Lee Lewis marrying his 13-year-old cousin, makes King Khan sound like a whiny peasant, and will force you to set your blue suede shoes on fire and bow down like Hendrix before its hellish consecration. Super savage, ultra bitchin', and easily the loudest, fuzziest, son-of-a-bitch rock n' roll record I've heard this year.

-Jeff Warren

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