Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Zodiac Killer

A Texas take on the Confederacy of Scum metalpunk sound, Buzzcrusher blasts beer bongs and batters butts with brawny bashing that leaves bruises. This is some ugly shit circa the mid-1990s, when not too many Austin acts were feeling the fury – no wonder the quartet didn’t last long. This disk consists of its 1995/1996 recordings, including the infamous Pissed Again , Scoring Dope From Bikers, Muffler Burn and the band’s take on State Violence State Control by British punk legend Discharge (an important influence). Fourteen songs of good ol’ fashioned Lone Star rage in 26 minutes. Can’t beat that with a tire iron.

- Michael Toland

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amira said...

Did you say "No wonder they didn't last long?" Well, they're back and as badass as ever! They have a new drummer and bass player that really update the vibe without compromising the hardcore! Texas still rocks motherfucker!

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