Friday, December 19, 2008

Before I Hang
Zodiac Killer

Someday a documentary flick needs to be lensed called The Children of Antiseen. Mississippi’s Before I Hang certainly walk the talk of the sadly defunct Confederacy of Scum, what with all the furious punk metal riffery, drill sergeant serial killer barking and Libertarian rage. Tunes like Blow Up the World, Put U Out of My Misery and the inevitable (Kiss) My Southern Ass flip the bird with one hand and swing a baseball bat with the other. Upfront, meanwhile, keeps both hands on its throbbing erection and Freonhead invites some Steve McKay sax scree. The songs aren’t as political as Hammerlock’s, as offensive as Cocknoose’s or nearly as catchy as the godhead’s, but they still kick up the kind of righteous ruckus that leads to black eyes, bruised chins and broken noses. Keep the mace handy.

- Michael Toland

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